What exactly is fashion? Fashion is the art or process of selecting and using clothes to meet human needs. Humans need to feel good about themselves, both in appearance and behavior. Fashion can encompass a variety of ideas, ranging from what type of shoes you would like to wear, what type of clothes you would like to wear, what type of accessories you would like to wear, and so on. Essentially, fashion is the aesthetic idea that informs the selection of clothing, both for men and women, for dressing up, as well as for casual dress.


Lingerie is women’s intimate apparel. It can be alluring and stylish. The lingerie definition encompasses alluring sleepwear, undergarments, and other intimate items of clothing worn by modern women. Thus the term is quite broad.

Initially, lingerie was simply underwear, in the form of corsets, bustiers, and waistcoats. Corsets and bustiers were quite traditional in the Victorian era. They served to define and emphasize the assets of young women, as well as keep them safe from predatory men. Corsets made a return in the 20th century, typically as slimming undergarment akin to the corset.

During the 20th century, lingerie began to move from the bedroom into public view. It began to be advertised in magazines and in other print media. In the United States, ads for lingerie appeared in comic strips, onscreen, and on billboards. Many women felt that the ads promoted sexual objectification of women, and some felt that lingerie was inappropriate for public display. However, by the end of the decade, lingerie had grown to become an important fashion statement.

Since the 20th century, lingerie has undergone numerous transformations. Bras and pantyhose gained in popularity, as did form fitting teddy and push up bras. Lycra became more popular than silk, which allowed more natural fibers to be used in lingerie. There have been many attempts to make panties more comfortable and functional, like the Tena pads. Other types of lingerie, including nightgowns and bras, have attempted to strike a balance between comfort and style.

Bras, however, are perhaps the most well known type of lingerie. Today, the majority of lingerie is either a bra or top. These garments offer support, shaping, and coverage. Some types of lingerie, including padded bras and padded push up bras, can also help prevent stretch marks from forming by redistributing body weight during daily activity. Paired with the right bra, many women find that wearing lingerie can make them feel sexy and attractive.